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Mission Statement

  • Dino Schools of Prague provides a safe and supportive environment that encourages our students to think beyond their immediate surroundings and use their knowledge to become active and responsible citizens in a global society.

Dino Schools of Prague values

  • A safe environment: In order for our students to succeed in their education, they need to be provided with an environment that allows them to feel comfortable and confident.
  • A supportive environment: The teachers and staff at Dino focus on helping students with their education and to ensure that they are given the encouragement to be independent students and develop a strong sense of community values.
  • Work with the community: We find it important that our students become actively involved in their community, not only just at school but locally and even globally.
  • Active and responsible citizens: At Dino we encourage our students to take responsibility for themselves and encourage them to be reflective in how they view the world around them.