Introduction to our school

DINO SCHOOLS first opened on September 1 2004.  Here at Dino our focus is on foreign languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, and French. Starting from the first grade we teach our students certain subjects in both Czech and English. From 4th grade students begin studying Spanish and will have the opportunity to Lear other languages in high school.

Also, our school works with schools abroad that our students have the opportunity of visiting. We cooperate with St. Mary’s in London, England and School of Severo Ochoa in Murcia, Spain.  At these schools students are given the opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of these countries. We believe that meeting with students from foreign countries enriches our students to new experiences and gives them a personal understanding of different cultures.

We also organize school trips twice a year, in winter and summer.  These activities are included in our schools tuition.

DINO SCHOOLS is committed to providing a high quality education that will give our students the greatest opportunities to continue their studies in the Czech Republic or at prestigious foreign universities.

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