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Domenic Molinaro

Učitel v mateřské škole.

I was born and grew up in Connecticut, USA. I have a bachelor's degree in Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University. I came to Prague in 2014 and have lived and worked here for the past two years teaching all ages. I am an avid reader and try to read as much as possible. I am also a big lover of music and am constantly listening to music from all time periods and genres. One of my biggest interests in life is secular buddhism. I try to implement the ideas of buddhism into my life and be as mindful and aware as possible every day. I love teaching children and learning from them. I believe children are natural explorers and learners, especially of language, and just need to be motivated and guided in the right direction. Every child is unique and needs special attention. I believe in being a good role model and leading by example, and with humor. The environment and philosophy of Dino Skola allows me to connect wit h and educate children in a natural way.