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Benjamin Dupuy

Učitel angličtiny na 1. stupni ZŠ a vychovatel.


My name is Benjamin Dupuy, and I have a degree in English literature and creative writing from Louisiana State University. I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I grew up with a mother who is a teacher. She taught me many ways to approach life, and I hope to pass on the knowledge she gave me to the children of Dino. I continue to learn different ways of teaching, and I hope to go back to school for child development.

I was a lifeguard for a swimming pool for many years, but I would have to say that my most important work experience is taking care of two children in wheelchairs. They have SMA, a form of muscular dystrophy, and they are not able to take care of themselves. This job taught me patience and understanding of different situations. A teacher must learn from his or her students in order to properly succeed in this important responsibility.

In my free time, I like to listen to vintage records and hang out with friends in cafes. I’ve recently started to enjoy learning new languages.